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Carolina Garden Co-op




Who We Are

When/Where We Garden

The Litserv

Contacts, Links





Spring is here, LETS GARDEN!


Here’s an excerpt from Amber’s recent email, which lays out what we’re gonna do:


“The Tuesday after spring break, March 18th, for the new people, we will be meeting at 4 in the lobby area of the Campus Y then walking over, others can just meet there.  We will be shoring some beds; planting irises, daylilies, lily of the valley, hostas, sweet Williams, raspberry and blackberry canes, and

anything else transplant appropriate I can find and dig up; fertilizing;

and preparing the soil in some of the more finished beds for upcoming pea

and carrot planting.


“The name doesn't lie, this is a co-op and lacks a director, president,

or whatever you want to call it for a reason.  Got an idea?  Want to

change something?  Wish there was asparagus?  Great!  Bring it.  Change

it.  Grow it.”




Who We Are:

We are the Carolina Garden Co-op, an official UNC-Chapel Hill student organization which gardens, learned about gardening, works on garden related environmental issues, and basically does all things garden related.

If you’re interested in joining, come on out. Ten dollars gets you membership, a tee shirt, and some discounts at local stores.



When and Where We Garden:

When we do things, they are usually announced beforehand over our listserv. We generally garden on a weekly basis, but the day/time hasn’t yet been set for the semester.

We garden on a patch of private land graciously granted to our usage. It’s right behind Kenan Dorm on Battle Lane. Please see the map below:




The Listserv:

Of 20,000 students at UNC, there are over 9,000 organizations with listservs and we are one of them. The address is and if you wish to join you can visit the website:




As a Co-op, we don’t really have a president, but the best person to contact about stuff is Amber Jenkins, at



UNC Arboretum-

NO Botanical Gardens-



We’re gonna have a better site up, but for now this’ll have to do.

Contact John Derrick,, with any questions/comments.