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The Continuing Story of 
John Derrick
My Pages from UNC
     All my Undergraduate pages. Lots of themópersonal, school and organization related

John in Thailand 
     In preparation for my trip to Thailand to teach English for a year, here is a site Iíll be posting stuff on so folks can keep track of me

Carolina Music Festival 
     Info on who will be playing, where it will be, a link to get ticketsÖ. 
The German Club
     The German Club and Honors Society

Association for India's Development
     A site I'm working on for a group at 
The UNC Outing Club
     The Official site of the Outing Club

OC  Social
     A party website I manage

The Carolina Garden Co-op
     The UNC Gardening Group

Rest Haven Sunday School
     The website of the Rest Haven Sunday School

Project Literacy: ESL
     The Project Literacy, English as a Second Language site I'm doing

The Hunger Site 
     Not one of my sites, but a great place to donate food to the hungry for freeóitís paid for by the advertisers

     Finishing up as a student at UNC-Chapel Hill, I have to reorganize my computer-life. Iím announcing my new email address,, as well as organizing a new web host to hold all my pages.
     So here is my new homepage. I guess Iíd rather have no ads, but one rarely gets something for nothing, and itís a small price to pay.
    Iím trying to keep things rather simple and efficient. If you want flashy, see some of my old H&G pages. I donít have too much time for bells and whistles right now, especially on systems Iím still figuring out. Youíll note I put the important links up top, and the wordy explanation that will probably only rarely be read at the bottom. Also, this page is built with Netscape Composer, instead of the more flashy, yet less reliable, Microsoft Word.
    This is link-filled portal to my web sprawl. Right now this is very much under construction, but please feel free to look at the links below to things I have done in the past, as well as pages I am doing currently for myself and others.

To contact me, the best way is to probably just shoot me an email.

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