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The Listserv and how to use it:
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     Having a listserv means that you don't have to type in a whole bunch of addresses when you want to send everyone a message. Instead, all of our email addresses are entered into a system which allows many addresses to be contacted using only one address. 
     This is good for easing communication in clubs and other organizations. People can easily make announcements, pose questions, and send pictures to the entire group at once. 
     Hence, you do need to be careful that you don't send anything you don't mean everybody to get. Also, when you reply to something someone sent on the listserv, it can go to the entire listserv, not just to the person who sent it.
     Everybody who had an email address on the most recent Sunday School address list is already entered on the listserv. If you want to add another address or make other changes, you may contact John Derrick at or visit this site.
     To email the listserv, you may use a link, such as this one, or the one on the opening page of this website, or you may simply enter the address "" into the address slot of an email composition.
     Hopefully this answers any main questions about listservs, if you have any others, please feel free to contact John Derrick.